Tuesday, January 10, 2012

my creating space

jd and i talk to jake every monday night. so mondays are always wonderful. last night jake asked me if i would take pictures of all of the rooms in our little house. it is so nice to know that he misses home. today i started with my creating space and i thought i would share it here. so here are some pics of where i love to create.
i love all of these yummy kaffe fabrics. the colors and patterns always inspire me.
anna marie horner, denyse schmidt, heather ross and micheal miller are some of my other faves. can you tell i love polka dots? it just makes me so happy to look at them!
and this bad boy is going to be turned into a pillow soon.
i feel so blessed to have a room completely dedicated to creating! thanks so much for visiting and happy tuesday!


  1. oh me goodness! Girlfriend! I love the sofa! the big window, the tower of fabric, the green organizer, the TABLE SKIRT! Lovely space, Julie! And the blue flower artwork is really sweet, did you make that? And I spy the corner of a really cute cabinet that looks like it has shutters for doors.

    1. thanks briana! i made the table skirt. it was really easy. i just you tubed boxed pleats for a tutorial and the jakers made the blue flower artwork when he was in 2nd or 3rd grade. i cherish it!!

  2. thank you so much betsy. i spend a lot of time in here so i had to make it bright and happy.