Monday, December 12, 2011

it's been awhile

wow, i can't believe it's been 11 days since i last posted. i have been busy making christmas gifts for family. i'm making a scrapbook for my mom using these wonderful old photos that her father took. here are the first 4 pages:

not to worry, she won't see these because she doesn't even own a computer.
but i can't post what i am making for my sisters because i know jodi follows my blog. hey sis! lol!

last week jd and i helped with packing meals for haiti at our church. sunday they announced how many were actually packed and the grand total came to. 1,850,000 plus meals. whew!!! Jesus is awesome!! here are some pics.

here is jd. to me he even looks handsome in this silly hat. girls had to wear a hair net. so you'll not be seeing any pics of!

and here is a new and an old page to send to jake.

i think that's all i have for now.

happy monday!


  1. Lovely layouts!! And what a great opportunity to help those in need in Haiti! ^_^

  2. that Haiti meal packing looks cool! what kind of food was it?

    Yes, I'm heading to Mexico on a Missions trip. This is our second Christmas Mission trip. We did it 2 years ago as well.

  3. julie! these are all so lovely! they're just so perfectly vintagey. you're mom's going to love them. and how awesome is it that you send layouts to jake. awesome!

    that's so neat about hait. i'm curious . . . was that veggie looking mix dried or something?


  4. Those layouts totally rock! I love the cut out bells, the added vintage ric rac, how you cut your doily in half, sweet photos of your mom. That's so cool about Haiti and seeing the assembly process. I've said it before but I really do think that is so awesome you send Jake scrapbook pages. Merry Christmas to you and I can't wait to see your work with the Jan kit!