Saturday, December 24, 2011

grocery store etiquette

i've been out of commission for the last few days with a horribly painful ear infection. thus i sent my wonderful hubby to the grocery store to pick up a few things.
here are some observations from him:


I travel a lot with my job. I am on Interstate 75 and Interstate 64 in Kentucky weekly. I am usually in the fast lane seldom in the slow but this is no experience to prepare you for shopping at Kroger on Christmas Eve. There are no traffic patterns, it is fast and furious and the only way to be in the slow lane is head for the healthy sections of the store, fruits and vegetables be sure to stay away from the processed foods sections if you value your life.

I need cranberry sauce and by chance am standing right beside it as I pause to jot these observations down -  WOW who knew the pace - now I must enter back into the fray. Flaxseed or bust  --  CHARGE !!!

Flaxseed was tough it took three Kroger associates to track it down but they persevered to the end. We started out in the flour section where it is at Walmart Foods but once the search escalated to the Tier3 level Kroger associate FlaxSeed did not stand a chance of hiding from us. Health Section here we come. Thou it does not take long to get to our destination the journey is not over. We search up and down the aisles but once I pull out the iPhone and display a photo of the culprit we are after the Spectrum Essentials organic ground premium Flaxseed doesn't stand a chance as I place it in the cart and move on.

I have discovered that the major  crossing areas can be the worse due to the speed that can be attained in the straight aways.

I am currently in the wild bird seed area and although not as calm as the Natural Foods Section  it also is a haven from the chaos. I  am pretty sure I am not getting the correct brand of wild bird seed but I hope the effort will outweigh the disappointment to the taste buds. (do birds have taste buds ??)  Now for the 9 volt batteries.

I have purchased numerous batteries in my lifetime but never in a grocery store. I do not have a clue which direction to head but  discover I should have paid more attention while in the Wild Bird Seed section because that is exactly where they are placed -  go figure. I guess they have to go somewhere. 

Paper Cups - who knew there were so many colors?  Is this just at Christmas are all year long? Miracle find on these items.

Graduation cards - never in my life in a grocery store. One of my nephews has graduated in the Winter session from UK and I will not be denied a card for him to congratulate him for such a great accomplishment in his life.  I venture near the meat section - so far so good - I never knew to look up high for cards but discover the helium filled balloons are a dead give way - I will not forget this time saver in the future. 

Grapes - Fruits and vegetables - no problem.  Now for the milk. Everything was going well and I guess I let up my concentration for just a moment because I knew where Milk was (doesn't everyone) - then it almost happened - HEAD ON CART CRASH avoided at the last minute. Milk is still best for last, keeps it coldest and is good for a strong finish and exit to the cashiers.

I pause one last time to complete this CHRISTMAS EVE GROCERY JOURNAL and I have discovered the safest spot in the grocery store - the shelf next to the SunMaid Vanilla Yogurt Raisins.  Now I Know.

Honey Bunny - I hope that swollen ear drum gets to feeling better - I don't know if I can make it through another Grocery shopping CHRISTmas Eve adventure but I made it through this one with His Divine Intervention.

Love on Christmas Eve -  Joseph David (JD)

glad you made it back home in one piece honey!

merry christmas to all!

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  1. Bwahaha! The grocery store is brutal around the holidays, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, right? I actaully had a lady gently push me with her shopping cart while I was standing there trying to get my wallet back in my bag after I had paid. I held my ground and she kept pushing! Unreal. Your hubs is so funny!