Monday, March 4, 2013


is my latest page for my "this is me" album:

I have loved this perfume for as long as I can remember. I guess you could say it is my signature scent. But I also love Coco by Chanel and my newest fave is Coco Noir. I already have the other two but I am going to have to wait until Mother's Day to add the Noir to my collection.

Speaking of "this is me", there are two pretty exciting things that I have to share. The first is Studio Calico's April class is going to be... you guessed it. A "This is Me" class taught by the fun, quirky and very talented Lexi Bridges ( I hope you don't mind me calling you quirky, Lexi. It is meant as a total compliment).

What perfect timing because it will go right along with what I am already working on and it will give me more ideas to add to my album. How cool is that!

Next my "this is me" page:

was chosen as the winner for the "All About You" challenge over at the fun new SWAT challenge site. I was so thrilled and honored to find out that they chose that page! Thanks so much SWAT Team!

Ok, that is enough "me's" to last "me" a lifetime! ;)
What about you? Do you think your fam would appreciate a book that is all about you? I know I would be thrilled to have such a book about my mom (who passed away when I was just a young child).
Just something to think about...