Saturday, February 11, 2012

punching and smashing...

wow, those are some pretty harsh terms to use for creating, but that is exactly what i did to make these:
i used four of the new jbs punches for the page above. my favorite is the jester border punch. the others i used are the ticket border punch (just to the right of jakes photo),the tab punch and the bird punch.
this is where the smashing comes in. i finally caved to the whole smash book thing. but i am using mine as more of a warm up book to get my creative juices flowing. i watched a video made by dina wakley for nat kalbach's creative summit. in it dina showed us ways to get motivated to create by using a warm up book. the above photo is one of the pages in my smash(warm up)book. i'm thinking of using this image on a scrapbook page and now that i've practiced i think i want to changed it up a bit.
here is one of the first pages in my book.the great thing about these books are you can do anything you want and not worry if it is going to mess up your scrapbook page. total creative freedom. i love that! thanks so much for stopping by and i hope you have a creative weekend! just don't punch or smash anyone.;) leave that for the paper.


  1. great LO Julie! You make me want that ticket border too! Your smashing looks......SMASHING! What a fun idea!

  2. I love this page! Is that the new MME background paper - LOVE. Great mix of goodies and I love how that jester punch looks rainbow with that paper. I haven't smashed but I does seem like a really great way to practice techniques.

  3. I love this approach to smashing. I bought a book, but it just lingers on my shelf. I may try this too!